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Let's protect Ukraine!

Our country is in constant danger due to enemy’s launches of UAVs, missiles and shells that destroy infrastructure, kill and injure citizens in the area of their impact. We have found a solution - the RS-3D radar, which provides timely detection of dangerous objects moving at speeds of up to 1000 m/s at altitudes of 10 to 15,000 m in all weather conditions within a radius of 40 km. This gives a possibility to neutralize the threat in time to avoid a potential disaster. We are confident that RS-3D radar is a key element in ensuring the safety of the country's airspace and protecting its citizens. We have initiated a fundraising campaign to purchase the first RS-3D radar and now we are appealing to you, dear friends! Your support can be crucial in protecting Ukraine's sky. And everyone who supports this important mission will receive our collectible NFT - a unique and valuable gift that will be a symbol of your significant contribution to the protection of our country on the way to victory. Simply send us your WAX wallet and a screenshot of money transfer. Protecting our country and citizens is our main goal. Strength is in unity, join the collection! Glory to Ukraine! LINKS: SUPPORT: USDT 0xde167cc6f65cbc9632936233097f35e945ad9fc1 BTC 1K2c1q7KrfcqKtYB5Xss22PD6yi7GEjArs ETH 0xde167cc6f65cbc9632936233097f35 PayPal

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