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Our country is in constant danger due to enemy’s launches of UAVs, missiles and shells that destroy infrastructure, kill and injure citizens in the area of their impact. By buying our NFTs you are contributing to Ukraine's victory. Protecting our country and citizens is our main goal. 
Strength is in unity, join the collection! Glory to Ukraine!


Gene 00 Baby

A fluffy baby bluebird, surrounded by brightly colored toys, plays and has fun on his branch. He has no idea that his life is about to change forever.
Little bird dreams of becoming a pilot. He imagines himself against the vast skies, soaring high on the wings of his dream.  One day the long-awaited moment will come. The little blue bird will turn into a true air ace. His wings will become strong and he will take to the sky to protect his home.



Gene 01 Farmer

This is the beginning of war, ordinary people demonstrate heroism, courage and devotion to our country by protecting their own land! They are waiting for the most important battle in their lives. Freedom of the whole free world is at stake!


Gene 02 Archer

The beginning of battles! People used all possible means to protect themselves and their families from the invaders. Among such means were even simple things as bow and arrows. In difficult situations each of us is trying to find a way to protect ourselves and the loved ones.



Gene 03 Street Fighter

People start demonstrating an active civic position and looking for ways to protect their rights and freedoms. Among such methods - manufacture of self-made weapons in particular Molotov cocktails - the Ukrainian modification of which was named "Bandera smoothie".


Gene 04 Shooter

People demonstrate heroism and devotion to their country using everything that can help deter the enemy's attack. Trenches around buildings and roadblocks allow to control the territory effectively, and old weapons - rifles of the Second World War and pistols - gain new significance in fight against the invaders. Everyone able defends his country and we all together form a powerful defense.



Gene 05 Machine-gunner

The supplies of weapons from warehouses are organized, and thousands of Kalashnikovs and other military ammunition get their second lives. National defense forces and local military formations have more resources to protect themselves and the civilian population. Some old rifles still come in handy.


Gene 06 Explosives Specialist

Our partners around the world send us ammunition, new weapons replace old weapons. We have studied the enemy and know its weaknesses which helps us develop strategies and tactics for liberation of the occupied territories. Gradually we force the invaders to step back and reclaim our native land.



Gene 07 Special Apiracion Forces

Our military forces demonstrate impressive success in the battlefield. Thanks to the new techniques and incredible heroism of our defenders we are able not only to hold the front but also to attack the enemy effectively forcing it to retreat to the frontiers. Our troops demonstrate great strength and ability to fight and protect our country and our people ensuring the security of our country on its way to Victory.


Gene 08 Tankman

The first European and American tanks and other fighting vehicles from allies gradually enter the arsenal which provides for more effective fighting. We are ready for a massive counterattack. The whole world is watching the battlefield. The strength and spirit of the Ukrainian army inspire.



Gene 09 Pilot 

Aviation finally enters the game to provide support to our brave soldiers who are carrying out counter-offensive. Air defense is already ensured, it provides our military on the ground with reliable and powerful air protection. At this moment more than ever before we are ready to fight for our country and defend it against any threats. We are united as never before.





100+  Volunteers throughout Ukraine

229021 Ukrainians received assistance from the fund 


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